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By Michael Daniel
An Industry Leader In Voice Lessons Since 1991.
Centrally located. Serving Arcadia, Ahwatukee, Chandler, East Valley, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, And The Rest Of The World Online.
Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel
Teacher And Owner


Why Should You Take Singing Lessons From Me?

Track Record Of Success In Teaching Voice Lessons

What I offer is a proven, successful method of teaching singing that delivers results. I provide an almost 100% chance of learning to sing competently if you do the things I ask. You will know how to reach your potential, and how to do so as quickly as possible. You will learn how to sing confidently, and without ever damaging your voice. Intermediate or advanced singers can break through walls, and advance to their full potential as quickly as possible. In short, I am the most experienced and dedicated teacher you likely can find, and I really understand the fundamentals, truths and hidden secrets of singing.

Superior Experience In Teaching Voice Lessons

I am full-time, professional teacher with over 33 years, and over 50,000 hours of teaching experience. Satisfied clients include many singers from prominent, locally based bands, international pop stars, famous actors, Broadway performers, and many touring professionals. I have also produced over 200 songs for other artists, and I have major label production experience. I am passionate and dedicated about what I do.

Superior Value In A Vocal Coach

I provide excellent, innovative lessons at reasonable rates. I will minimize your financial risk, and you will not waste your time or money. My instruction methods are very organized. This is far from the norm among music teachers, where often you waste your time on a few lessons until you realize you are not progressing like your should. I really believe I deliver the best value of any teacher available.

Superior Efficiency In Vocal Lessons

I can teach you more quickly than anyone else. I've consistently seen over time that my students learn 10 to 20 times faster than with other instructors. You don't even have to spend more time practicing! My innovative teaching methods are very organized, methodical and logical. You will develop skills in a way that minimizes your frustrations. I will guide and support you step-by-step, and you will have weekly objectives. I apply my unusually good communication skills in supporting you in reaching your goals. If you put the effort in, then your efforts will pay off. Because my methods really work, I believe in challenging and inspiring students to reach higher than they think possible. In fact, I guarantee that if you stick with lessons and do the things I ask, you will achieve results that far exceed your expectations.

The Most Comprehensive Non-Classical Lessons

There are two styles of singing in the western world. The first is classical singing. This includes all opera singing, all choir singing, and traditional music theater. The second is popular singing- what a classical singer calls jazz singing. Modern popular singing technique has been remarkably consistent since the start of the jazz era starting about 1920. If you want to sing in popular styles, and not classical, then you need a non-classical teacher. Popular singing styles require a mastery of vocal articulations that are never used in classical singing. I am the only teacher that I am aware of that can easily teach all of these. I can say this with certainty because I spent years (and a fortune) traveling around the country taking lessons from teachers accepted as the best pop voice coaches in the United States. Even none of them could teach all of these techniques. Here is the reason: 99.9% of singers want to sing popular styles, but 99.9% of voice teachers in the western world are teaching classical singing. They will not tell you this because they either want your money, or they do not know the difference. You are probably thinking "Michael, that is crazy! How can that be?" Well, the vast majority of voice teachers take their lessons in institutional settings where popular singing is not understood or taught. Even if you want to sing contemporary musical theater you have to master popular singing. More than 50% of all musicals on Broadway in 2023 used popular singing for the leads. This skill is expected of a modern theater performer. So, this misunderstanding is why learning to sing well is so perplexing for most people. Almost every new student I encounter at the start is singing as a choir singer. This reality is so shocking to a few of them that they doubt I know what I am talking about. I can tell you this with as much certainty that the Sun is bright: a singer will never be confident, have fun performing, or have any success in music until they are taught the fundamentals they are missing. So, if you want to sing non-classical music well you really need to work with me!

Learn Songs You Like- Accurately And Understandably

You will develop skills in a way that maximizes your fun by learning songs you love. I will guide you in learning your favorite songs in a logical order from the easiest to the most difficult. Styles taught include: rock, pop, hard rock, metal, alternative, R & B, blues, jazz, punk, folk, Latin, country, Christian, reggae, and others. I've developed an innovative system to learn to sing songs. I've invented a very detailed, but easy to understand method of transcribing vocal performance. Sheet music for voice does not include everything you need to sing a song well. Transcribing songs accurately and understandably is a rare skill, even among music teachers. If you take lessons from someone without this skill you will be learning songs wrong! I have transcribed over 5,000 songs over the years. Many are scanned into files that are available for your use.

Professionalism And Dedication To Singing Lessons

I have had no other job since 1997. This is what I do. If you needed a plumber, or electrician would you hire someone who dabbles? I treat students with respect, patience, and a positive, supportive attitude. I am committed to helping you, and I will work hard to help you reach your goals. I give one-hour lessons, not the half-hour lessons that leave most students feeling short-changed. I could make more money giving half hour lessons, but I refuse to deprive students of the attention they need. All printed lesson materials are provided. I am committed to giving you the skills you need to enjoy music over your lifetime.

Superior Facilities

I've invested in building the best-equipped teaching studio in Phoenix. I have recordings of over 30,000 songs. You will learn with the best professional equipment. State-of-the-art gear is used to process songs for practice enhancement. I am also a very experienced music producer, so I understand what it takes to produce good vocal recordings. I can also help with your demo production and career development. Also, the learning environment is clean and pleasant.

Superior Knowledge And Total Mastery Of Music

I offer the most comprehensive lessons available. I'll guide you through a course of topics you need to become a complete singer, and fully reach your potential. I can give you all the tools you need to become a successful performer or recording artist, or enjoy a lifetime of singing fun. With my help, there is no limit to what you can do.

Flexibility In Teaching All Types Of Students

I can help anyone ages 12 and older- from beginners to touring professionals. I welcome beginners. I've had great successes with people just starting out, kids and children. If you are already an intermediate or advanced singer, I can help take your singing farther than you can imagine.

Expertise In Teaching Online Voice Lessons

I can teach anyone in the world to sing well. All that is necessary is a decent web camera and a microphone.

Likeability And Trustworthiness

The music industry, as you may already know, is often a rough-and-tumble world. I think my students usually find I am one of the 'nice guys' in the music industry. I am very clean, healthy and sane (this is not the norm in music). If you are a parent, you can trust that I will be a good, safe influence on your child. That being said, I am open to working with people with different lifestyles and values. I have a positive attitude towards, and I get along well with all ages and types of people. I operate with a great deal of integrity in my dealings with other people. I've become friends with many of my past and current students.

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Why Should You Learn To Sing?

Singing is fun. If you ask a hundred people what they would most want to do for a living, I bet one of the most common responses would be to sing. Singing well is one of the most enjoyable and most rewarding activities possible. This is true whether you want to be a performer, or just want to sing for your own enjoyment. Singing is exciting.

You will never likely be bored for the rest of your life. You will do something meaningful with your life that you will be proud of later.

As a hobby, I believe singing is much more rewarding than video games or watching television.

Singing can be creatively gratifying. You can use (the good) parts of your brain that you likely will never be able to use in other situations in your life.

Being a good singer is the easiest way to get into a band. Almost every band that is forming desperately needs a good singer. The singer in a band also has the greatest control over the artistic direction of the band and material performed.

     Ready for the next step? Email Me, or call me at 602-414-9822 (This is a landline. Please do not send a text).

Why Should You Take Voice Lessons?

Singing is much more enjoyable when you have a certain level of proficiency. Even if you are singing purely for your own enjoyment, singing badly is generally not much fun.

Singing without good technique can seriously damage your voice.

Singing without adequate song performance skills can seriously undermine your confidence, and will severely limit any professional opportunities.

What you could learn in 10 years on your own, you could learn in as little as a year with an excellent teacher. An excellent teacher will show you how to develop good technique in a relatively short time. Some good singers are self-taught. They might learn on their own, but take much longer than necessary. Most who try become frustrated, and quit long before they reach their potential.

A serious problem with learning on your own is you likely will attempt songs that are too difficult, and you will become frustrated and discouraged. Songs should be learned in a logical order, from the easiest to the most difficult. A good teacher will guide you in learning how to sing your favorite songs well.

A good teacher can help you develop your own unique style.

If you are a serious singer, it is crucial to understand that singing of excellent quality is one of rarest and most precious commodities in the field of music. Almost all singers do not understand what is necessary to sing at, or understand how to reach that level. While that is not easy, it can be learned. Almost every singer you hear on modern recordings has taken extensive vocal training. If you are already an experienced singer, an excellent teacher can help take your singing to a new level. The music business has gone through different eras that were song writer-oriented, band-oriented and singer-oriented. We are now solidly in an era of ‘the singer’. This fact is at the root of the American Idol/Pop Idol concept. The better the singer in a musical act, the more money that musical act will likely make. Record companies understand this, and that is a big reason why musical acts are usually now built around an excellent singer. Even among signed bands, the quality of the singing directly determines how successful the band becomes.

If you are often recording vocal tracks in a recording studio, you can't afford not to undertake serious voice training. Recording vocal tracks is usually very time-consuming and expensive. By having a solid foundation in voice training, you will ultimately save a great deal of money. You also have a much better chance of being satisfied with, and generating excitement with the recordings.

There is also a general confidence that comes with being able to sing well. This can be applied to other areas of life.

     Ready for the next step? Email Me, or call me at 602-414-9822 (This is a landline. Please do not send a text).

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