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By Michael Daniel
An Industry Leader In Voice Lessons Since 1991.
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Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel
Teacher And Owner


I've developed a method that is very organized and objective-based. That means that you will learn in logical way, where each concept builds on the next. I will provide you with an intellectual skeleton, or paradigm, that allows for your continuous growth, and allows for you to reach your full musical potential.

Unfortunately, most instructors I've encountered over the years are anything but methodical in their teaching. This haphazard teaching usually has the unfortunate effect of leaving the student with a deeply flawed understanding of music. When the student inevitably arrives at this 'wall', they usually think they've reached their full potential. Many think what is needed is a quick fix. Often, what is really needed is a different paradigm that allows them to continue their music evolution. I've had many students come to me in this state, and have helped them break through to a new level of understanding. This can sometimes be frustrating, and can feel like a step backwards. I promise you it will be worthwhile. If you start lessons with me as a beginner, you should never experience 'a wall'.

The are two types of voice instructors- voice teachers and voice coaches. A voice teacher guides the student in learning basic technique. Topics typically include breathing, control, range, projection, warming up, etc. A voice coach guides the student in maximizing the performance of a song. There are very few vocal instructors in the United States that can do both of these for you. I am one of them! My vocal instruction method is an innovative synthesis of the best aspects of the most prominent vocal methods. I believe I've taken song coaching a whole new level.

During the first lesson, I'll have you sing part of a familiar song to evaluate your current vocal skill level. We then spend the rest of the hour talking about the theory of how the voice works. In the next four lessons, you'll learn how to warm up your voice and develop basic vocal skills. I've developed innovative methods that result in students dramatically increasing their range in a short time. A range of 30 to 36 musical notes is easily achievable. When I started singing, I had a range of 18 notes. My range is now a comfortable 48 notes. That's four full octaves. Other exercises to develop breathing, pitch control and projection are equally effective.

At this point you are not a 'finished singer' yet. You probably won't yet have confidence in your performance skills. There are probably a billion people in the world that can sing a simple musical scale or vocal exercise. However, this is not the only skill necessary to deliver a good vocal performance. In studying and transcribing songs over the years, I've discovered there are certain components that go into a good vocal performance. A good singer should be able to perform all of these.

Components of a good vocal performance

-Accurate lyrics
-Slurs /broken words
-Melody /staying on pitch



I believe there are less than 1 million singers in the world able to consistently deliver all of these components. If they have the necessary persistence, we eventually come to call these singers 'stars'. Some singers do have an intuitive feel for these components, but these can also be learned. If just one of these components is missing, the recorded vocal will not sound good. If you desire for a career as a musical performer, the most crucial component is the ability to deliver emotion through the recording to the listener. This is the 'IT' factor of music. Delivering emotionally is not possible if all the other components are not being performed on a subconscious level. If you want to sing purely for your own enjoyment, the process for learning songs is the same. The only difference is the standard for each component is much lower. You will still be able to sing with confidence.

In the first few weeks, I'll have you write out a list of at least 25 of your favorite songs. I then guide you in the study these songs, starting with the simplest and working towards the most difficult. After necessary real-time song coaching, I use professional recording equipment to record you singing over existing recordings. Then we listen to and critique the performance. I am very supportive in this process, and this is invaluable in developing your performance skills. All of your favorite singers have used this process to develop their performance skills.

After you have a basic grasp of song performance, you will start to sing over blank backing tracks. Karaoke tracks can also be useful as backing tracks. I have top-notch recording facilities, so you will hear your voice in a true professional light. If you are instrumentalist or have a band, we can record backing tracks of your originals to use for vocal development. I can also record a demo CD for you.

Beginner Singing Lessons

I can teach a total beginner to be a touring pro if they do what I ask. I've developed a written method that is very organized and objective-based. That means that you will learn in logical, step-by-step way, where each concept builds on the next. I will provide you with an intellectual skeleton, or paradigm, that allows for your continuous growth, and allows for you to reach your full musical potential as fast as possible.

Intermediate Singing Lessons

I can teach you how master your singing voice. But I generally do not give 'buffet' or 'a la carte' lessons where you pick and choose what you learn. The reason for this is that I know for a fact that it's always quicker, and cheaper, to just do it correctly from the beginning. Very, few singers know what it is they are actually missing that is preventing them from moving forward. If I truly think that you know what you need, then I am open to showing you specific things.

Advanced Singing Lessons

Over my teaching career I have taught many beginners to the point where they were good enough to be professional singers. On any given day there are dozens of my former students playing live somewhere. I am an expert producer with major label credits, so I really understand what it takes to sing at the highest level. With the benefits of my teaching methods no music is off limits.

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